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Advanced Service Technician™ Training


The educational standard for residential pool and spa service professionals.

The ASTCM Certification is a comprehensive blend of online and classroom training designed to provide service professionals with the knowledge and skills to fully service residential pools and spas. ASTCM Certification provides in-depth instruction on aquatic facility operation, water treatment procedures, equipment servicing, business management tactics, job-site risk management, workplace safety best practices, equipment maintenance, installation and repair, aquatic structure types, finishes, and local codes.

The ASTCM Certification course is 56 hours long, comprised of 48 hours of self-paced online learning and an 8-hour classroom course with an accompanying exam. Since the majority of our training is online you have the option to learn at a time and a place that is convenient for you. You have access to the course for an entire year and you can review the course content as many times as you want. Classroom sessions are scheduled at various times and locations around the United States to offer convenient access to everyone. Purchase the ASTCM Certification course here.



Robert Barzilay
Proper PH, LLC
East Hampton, NY

Tellis Bumgarner
BlueWater Aquatic Services
Charlotte, NC

William T. Drakeley, Jr.
Drakeley Pool Company
Bethleham, CT
Rich Gallo
Pure Swim, Inc.
Valencia, CA

Scott Heller
Loebs + Gordon Poolcare
East Hampton, NY

Mark Thompson
Absolute Pool & Spa Care
Cumming, GA

Richard Tarricone
Aquatic Pool Systems, LLC
North Port, FL