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Genesis Advisory Board

Elected by the Genesis membership in 2008, the Advisory Board is made up of SWD Masters who have agreed to donate time and meaningful help to the Genesis organization and its principals on a regular basis in many different areas, including organizational development, policy, and outreach. The Board Members’ various abilities, experience, and knowledge complement the Genesis organization as a whole. The Advisory Board meets multiple times a year and is in open communication with the Genesis and NSPF Principals and Staff.

The Genesis Principals chose to create this powerful asset for objective advice, to gauge the marketplace, and to seek new strategic positions.

The Advisory Board serves the Members by tracking issues, soliciting Member comments, and proposing actions to resolve them. The Board provides periodic updates on current issues to the Membership via the Genesis newsletter and more recently, the Strategy Session. Genesis SWD Masters also meet annually during the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo.

The Advisory Board is made up of three Members: Rick Chafey, Jamie Scott, and its current Chairman, Michael Nantz.