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Logo Terms of Use / (Click here for PDF Version)

  1. The base logo includes the word “GENESIS” plus three overlapping and curving triangles as shown here::
  2. The base logo shall only be used by Genesis, NSPF, SWD Registered, SWD Masters and authorized agents for digital or print media.
  3. A specific variant of the logo includes a subtitle for sponsors. Sponsors may use this subtitled version.
  4. A specific variant of the logo includes a subtitle for students. Students who pay the annual enrollment fee may use this subtitled version. SWD Associates may also use this subtitled version.
  5. Genesis’ trademark for Society of Watershape Designers is being reclassified as a certification mark. Genesis is securing a certification mark for SWD which will be accompanied by the text Associate, Registered or Master – the three certification levels within the Society of Watershape Designers. In addition to a logo, Genesis created a seal for the Society of Watershape Designer certifications. Only SWD Registered and SWD Masters are authorized to use the Society logo and seal. Neither logo nor seal can be used in a way that gives the appearance that a person has achieved a higher certification level than the person has actually achieved.
  6. The logos are the exclusive copyright protected property of Genesis. Parties that choose to use the logo(s) due so with temporary authorization only which may be revoked at any time. If a user loses its logo privilege they must remove it from digital and print media within 30 days and 180 days, respectively.
  7. Genesis reserves the right to modify the logos and is not responsible for expenses that may be required to update user’s digital or print media. Changes requested by Genesis shall be completed for digital media within 30 days and for print media within 180 days.
  8. The logos are available in other colors and grayscale for use over dark backgrounds. The logos shall not be modified by the user except for changes in proportional scale. This includes font style and spacing and color changes. The logo shall not be rearranged to move or scale the triangles relative to the text. Authorized users shall only obtain copies of the logo from Genesis. Do not copy from another site.
  9. When used for digital media (e.g. websites, e-mail signatures, social media, blogs, advertising, etc.) the image shall be clickable and shall link to http://www.genesis3.com and no other site, subdomain or specific page within the http://www.genesis3.com site.