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Roger Soares II

Roger Soares II

PO Box 14551
Scottsdale, AZ 85267
T (480) 837-6844
F (480) 837-3990


Award-winning designer and constructor of luxury pools, spas and water features Soares has more than 30 years of construction experience including construction of custom homes in San Diego CA, Aspen CO, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York with a strong base in commercial and industrial concrete and plumbing. Celebrating its 16th year of operation, Soares with the help of his wife and business partner Sheri, build and/or design an average of 6-20 projects a year and is able to provide the personal attention their upscale clientele deserve. Known for the creation of innovative pool designs that are in sync with every part of a landscape, Hydroscapes installations include intricate and complex design solutions for the most challenging terrains and has served clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Roger Soares II Education Credits

Construction & Level 1 School "1999"
Level II Design School "2001"
Drawing School "2002"
Design Schools "2005"
  • Elements of Design
  • Measured Perspective
  • Basic Color Theory
  • The Vocabulary of Architecture and Style
Pool & Watershape Construction School "2006"
Design Schools "2008"
  • Understanding & Designing Fountains and Waterfeatures
Design Schools "2009"
  • Advanced Fluid Engineering
Design Schools "2010"
  • 3-D Computer Drawing I & II
Design Schools "2011"
  • 20th Century Architecture
Design Schools "2013"
  • AutoCad
Design Schools "2014"
  • Basic Fluid Engineering

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Roger Soares II Scottsdale Arizona Luxury Pool Designer
Roger Soares II Scottsdale Arizona Luxury Pool Designer
Roger Soares II Scottsdale Arizona Luxury Pool Designer