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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 151: Do's and Don'ts of Engineering

Learning Objectives

  • Review areas of engineering on a job site, including plans, soils reports, waterproofing.
  • Examine potential failures.
  • Identify ways to rectify problems.


In the field, the correct do’s and don’ts of a project are the difference between a properly built vessel and a failure that equates to wasted time and money. This program breaks down the engineering portions of a project with a checklist detailed from years of in-the-field experience. From plans and soils reporting to waterproofing and compressive strengths, students will leave with high-level information to easily relay these tips to your team.

Time/ Credits

1 hour


Terry Brannon, P.E.
GENESIS® Engineering Faculty Advisor

Founder-Emeritus of The Brannon Corporation in Tyler, TX
(903) 597-2122

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Specializes in water conveyance and treatment, aquatics, hydraulic and structural engineering
  • GENESIS® Engineering Faculty Advisor
Terry Brannon, P.E.

Brannon began his career in public works, beginning with the Cities of Irving and Tyler, Texas before founding The Brannon Corporation. He continues to specialize in public works projects, but the firm has carved out an aquatic niche using their expertise in water conveyance and treatment and structural design. Brannon is registered in 23 states as a licensed professional engineer. Now in semi-retirement from the engineering consulting business. 50 years total in engineering and 40 years in aquatics, he keeps himself busy sharing his experiences by writing and training engineers and contractors in the design and construction of aquatic facilities from public fountains, to splash pads, water parks, competition venues, lakes and streams, and private pools. He continues as a consultant to various construction management companies, hotels and resorts, municipalities, and branches of the U.S. Department of Defense.