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Suggested Tracks for Pool Designers, Pool Builders, Landscape Architects:

Society of Watershape Designers

The SWD certification requires 150 hours of classroom work plus a passing score on the classroom project(s) and any online exams required for the classes. For SWD certification, the following classes are required, totaling 124 hours:

  1. DESIGN 101: Introduction to Perspective Drawing | 8:00 hrs
  2. DESIGN 201: Measured Perspective, or DESIGN 202: SketchUp, or DESIGN 203: AutoCAD, or DESIGN 204: Pool Studio | 16:00 hrs
  3. DESIGN 211: Elements of Design | 16:00 hrs
  4. DESIGN 231: Color Theory & Its Application | 16:00 hrs
  5. DESIGN 271: 20th Century Architectural Styles | 16:00 hrs
  6. ENGINEERING 211: Basic Fluid Engineering | 16:00 hrs
  7. CONSTRUCTION 201: Basic Pool Construction | 24:00 hrs
The remaining 26 hours are electives to be selected by the student. Below are suggested tracks depending on the primary job description. These are not requirements – just suggested options:


If you are a designer or if you present your designs in a sales capacity, consider the following elective curriculum:

Water Feature Designer

If you design water features, consider the following elective curriculum:

Business Owner